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Your Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

If you have participated in a Total Care Health Biometric Screening or Wellness Fair,
then that data will be provided to you.

Fast and Easy

Simple and convenient access to health care from wherever you happen to be—whether at home, work or on vacation—via telephone or secure videoconferencing. Average response time is less than 30 minutes.

Thorough Assessments

U.S. Board certified physicians can diagnose and recommend treatment for common non-emergent medical problems, and if appropriate, assist in determining need for further care at an Urgent Care Clinic, ER or PCP/specialist’s office.

Competitively Priced

This is a service currently provided to you by your employer and there are no additional fees at this time.

Why Total Care Health vs. Urgent Care or office visits

  • Can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication
  • Quick and convenient access
  • Minimal wait time
  • Significant cost reduction compared to Urgent Care or ER visit

How can we help you? Imagine that you wake up one morning, tired of fighting several days of sinus symptoms and decide to seek medical help, but your PCP is unable to see you until late in the day, yet you don’t want to miss time at work by going to the Urgent Care or ER, why not contact Total Care Health and consult with one of our physicians.

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